1. hyped1

    She’s useless as a celebrity…or person…but DAMN that ASS is amazing!

  2. salsa

    I’d marry that ass!

  3. yummyass

    I’d marry and have kids with that ass.

  4. mommyass

    I’d flush that ass with my man juice.

  5. SoFine

    I would rock that ass all night long, damn she is fine head to toe.

  6. g_girl

    You should right about polanski, Fish. that’s more interesting.

  7. Frog

    It’s like her box is flanked by two giant marshmallows. You can’t get up in that, it’s just not possible.

  8. mary

    damn, why people are so dumb? that ass is a big FAKE. that’s not an ass that’s silicone!

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