1. Inner Retard

    If there’s something weird
    and it don’t look good
    Who ya gonna call?

  2. Esma

    Her daughter is going to have one funky nose. Kanye’s nose mixed into kim’s OLD nose (not the nose she chopped off, but what she was born with). But no worries for Kim; she is going to teach her daughter how to be a ho just like mommy. I guarantee Kim will consent for a minor to get plastic surgery.

    Her being so called married while being pregnate by another man is tacky let alone, but bitch lay off the heels and your nonsense procedures such as a “vampire” facial. Injecting your own plasma into your skin for VANITY REASONS. Bitch, you’re pregnant, the baby comes first, NOT you. Way to go, you’re maturing nicely. Your hurting the baby. You’re not in love- if you were then you would respect your creation with Kanye, but you DON’T and you NEVER will.

  3. Joe

    You guys are really fucking mean

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