1. This far exceeds my daily allowance of cuntery.

  2. I clicked “View Full Size” and my monitor exploded.

  3. Palemon Pappassmearus

    Don’t these bitches ever do any exercise? They look like they haven’t walked more than 20 feet in their lifetime!
    Those asses are like Cubist art – not sure what the artist is trying to say but it doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen on a real human.

  4. anonym

    looks like fat ass runs in the family.

    I normally like fat ass, but hers look like pillows stuffed in there.

  5. You know you’re doing something wrong when your MOTHER has a better ass than you…

    • YEs

      Eww! The mom doesn’t have a better ass. I really dislike women that don’t know what men find attractive. Whats WRONG with you?!?!

  6. ParrapaDaFappa

    Oh Hi, whereabouts do you live again? Does she have a cell no?

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