1. chicka

    …are these the clothes she bought to make Kanye look good?


  2. Inner Retard

    The color black is writing a desparate letter to Congress as we speak to plead for an exemption from being slimming color.

  3. She’s in full-on Jonah Hill mode, now.

  4. You can paint a house black, but its still the size of, you know, a HOUSE.

  5. Judas Iscariot

    Macy’s called. They want their ballon(s) back.

  6. What a godforsaken mess. And there’s still another 6 months of this to go

  7. Laura

    she looks hot

  8. Dirk Diggler

    Does she have busted veins on her leg?

    • Pine Table Fever

      From carrying all that weight? What do you think. I’m surprised her legs haven’t just flat out turned into accordions with shoes.

  9. contusion

    Adele looks nice with dark hair.

  10. irinac

    kim was hot when she dressed normally
    now that shes all into high fashion shit she looks retarded

    • The waist on that dress is WAY too high for how short and busty she is.

      I’m not sure why women continue to think they can pull this look off- empire waisted dresses on anything but skinny body types makes you look pregnant. And because she is pregnant, it moves her into funhouse mirror territory.

  11. CK

    I wonder if Bill Clinton has seen this picture.

  12. Jentilly

    Geez why can’t she just wear normal maternity clothes??

  13. I smell a “fat suit”.. yes, she is overweight (deliciously so) but with a “fat suit” she can, after giving birth, show up in her regular (delicious) fatness and claim “I’ve lost so much weight with “Whatever the hell I am pushing now” slim shakes.”

  14. Amazed

    Well over 300 pounds by the time lil Weezy shows up…

  15. catapostrophe

    This is huge.

  16. anonymous

    DAMN! Even fat chicks don’t have another set of tits under their pits/tits. It’s time to cover that shit up.


  17. popwilleatitself

    I would never wear that skirt, “shirt” or shoes and I’m 5’6″ and 115lbs.

  18. This bitch is just fucking gross. I’m sorry, It needed to be said.
    – Amanda Bynes

  19. Farmer Ted

    Between her ham like legs and cow like utter-sack, she should all but be guaranteed a Blue Ribbon at the next 4H show.

  20. KC

    World hunger is about to be solved.

  21. brick

    Udderly grotesque!

  22. rubyskye

    that baby is going to fall out!!!

  23. rubyskye

    more like 200lbs in her BRA

  24. B.D.

    Are you kidding me? And she, her mother, and boyfriend thinks she looks good? She is disgusting! Most of all for having a baby out of wedlock. Since when do we think its OK to do that? No wonder so called celebrities are screwed up, their worlds are screwed up!!!!

  25. Kanye

    Excuse me while I throw up. Bitch didn’t look like that when I had my cock in her ass.

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