1. christipants

    So the black guy’s urine tastes like Gatorade? Now it all makes sense. I mean, it’s got electrolytes. How could you NOT want it?

  2. bassackwards

    ANYTHING that destroys this plague upon America…and the World…
    I’m ALL FOR IT!

    Who is this thing?? What has she done (other than a “leaked” porn tape)? What makes her so famous? Because she, and apparently the rest of the family, (Hello Khloe aka Sasquatch), seem to REALLY like Black guys? Because she has a HUGE, FAT Ass??

    Really?? I don’t get it… Edie Falco got it right… she’s famous for sex… other than that, she’s done nothing, but in this now twisted “fame-whore” society, she has been elevated to a status she certainly has not earned…

    In other, more sensible times, she’d be known as nothing more than TRAILER TRASH!

  3. Jennifer

    She is such a pretty girl and this outfit is a disaster. It makes her look huge and tacky.

  4. MaryGIL

    Is it bad all I can think is…”Pump it, pump it up!”…?

    see: SNL skit circa 1990s.

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