1. FIRST


  2. hmm

    wow she looks amazing

  3. rogerdoger

    looks nothing like the person in the first photo – looks classy by comparison – very nice

  4. hello

    looks 1000x better w/out makeup

  5. DM

    Yeah she does look great without makeup, too bad she has a complex where she cant be see without it bc she thinks she’s “ugly”

  6. Flim

    She’s the second hottest celeb I think. And yeah better without, or at least with less, makeup. The first, if you’re wondering, Olivia Munn.

  7. Melchor

    Nice and thick! Her face looks awful in her twitter upload.

  8. Wabeya Matanda K.

    Kim K. Looks so nice, please keep up that good body!


  9. Tropez

    She looks good here.

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