1. Snaggletooth

    So fucking fake. I wouldn’t even waste my urine stream on her.

  2. nick

    wow…. she looks like a clown with that makeup

  3. e-rock

    “No work done, ever” huh? What a sack of fake bullshit. Out of every single annoying talentless celeb wannabe, she is by the worst of the worst. She should just admit she is plastic from chopped nose, to rubber ass. And no, Im not jealous, I look ten time better than this fame whore on my worst day. She should just admit to all the work she paid to have done to look this pathetic, like Carmen Electra. Now THAT is a hot woman that I am jealous of! Kardashaskank needs her 15 minutes to be over ASAP so we can all stop being a little less annoyed. Ok, rant over. Carry on.

  4. Eric

    Yeah, but she still has a dumper you could rest a TV on.

  5. anon

    I’d still do her

  6. Slaphappy

    I know I’m in the minority, and I agree she is as vapid as they come, but I think she is gorgeous. I doubt any man really hasn’t thought of how good her lips, tits and ass would feel. Oh, and e-rock, if what you say is true…hey, how you doin’?

    • maria

      I thought that was all men thought about? or something along those lines. either way, I’m guessing if you know what silicon feels like, you probably have a pretty good idea.

  7. fooey

    her nails look like chiclets

  8. The Wincehster

    Technically, it’s a one piece…

  9. heidi

    what kind of disgusting nails does she have??? just zoom in a little bit

  10. Barf

    What is she “famous” for again?

  11. maria

    if my 32-triple D’s could look half as perky as her chest balloons with that little support, I’d show it off, too. I speak from experience: it is just not possible that one cell of her tits is made from organic material.

    • K-mos

      Seriously if your boobs are real, they don’t look like cantaloupes taped to your chest when you only have dental floss holding them up.

  12. Jess

    Her makeup is horrific.

  13. social care

    still dont know why she is breaking the news again.
    there are lots of more pornstars who are much more beautiful and tight than this fagot lookin chubby.
    without a make up,she can only serve as a maid.
    also she is not enough genuis to get rich, but people are dumper than we’ve ever thought.some can bone anything that breaths…

  14. Rabbit

    Damn! She looks like a Tranny!

  15. Angel

    I was about to say the same thing—-total tranny!!

  16. Kevin koech

    Wow!wat a sexy lady

  17. J

    Why is she so important again? Oh wait, she’s not.

    What does she do for a living again? Oh wait, nothing.

    Why do we pay so much attention to her again? Oh wait, no reason, really.

  18. Hayzues

    OMG, i thought she was known for having the best a$$ out there! Now I think she has the best boobies too! lol KIM is HOT!!

  19. Bettic

    Where is her belly button? I now understand… She is a test tube experiment gone wrong.

  20. ProstituteForMoney

    Teenage boys like that look.

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