1. Inner Retard

    Pictured people in order of importance:

    1. guy in the back
    2. guy in the back
    3. guy in the back

  2. Inner Retard

    Kanye: What do you mean I have a kid and have to live up to my petar… no, parent… no, paternal, yes, paternal resposibilities?!
    Kim: Moo?

  3. JC

    We’ve secretly replaced Kim with Jennifer Lopez. Will Kanye…eh, who are we kidding? He’s not going to notice unless their schedules for dictator performances conflict.

  4. If ever there was a picture that captured despair on a human face, it’s this picture of Kanye.

  5. Judd

    She should go back into hiding and spare all of her with her drama and generally fake CRAP and BS. Go get peed on again and add some poop this time.

  6. missdevin

    she looks great….and as we speak, the crazy obsessed myla Siinaj is trying to also colour her hair honey blond

  7. BB

    Kanye’s kinda making the ‘Bieber’ face (you know the one I mean, I won’t link an example) in this shot. Coincidence? Or is this just typical of being super famous, and of the overwhelming spiritual hollowness and interpersonal isolation of having so much fucking money that it might cause an individual to inseminate another gluttonous walking corporeal shell…only to watch that shell physically inflate with deadness before expelling yet *another* vacuous, contemptible human representation, the experience eventually going far beyond the point of any rational understanding, resulting in an expression of stunned sheer incomprehension such as demonstrated so aptly here by Yeezus himself.

  8. “That muthfuckah Todd from Breaking Bad is cold ass muthafukah… He shot dat bitch right in da bakuh her haid….I wundah…”

  9. TheO

    Oddly, both those guys are imagining sex with her right now.

  10. Swearin

    “I’ve made a huge mistake” – Kanye Bluth

  11. HannahMontana is a slut

    In every picture there’s a black man thinking, “I will not look at the Devil’s Spaw…..Oh, wait that’s Kanye! He must be experiencing the after effects of talking to Kris Jenner.

  12. That is a man who lives in fear of another pole jumping out of nowhere to attack him.

  13. dirkle

    looking good. i’m impressed

  14. mannas

    Kim looks so bad in these photos. And she doesn’t look happy either. Why is her baby in hiding? Is it just an ugly baby? Is it Kayne who is controlling Kim and doesn’t want the baby in the spotlight without a money offer? Doesn’t make sense. This couple wont last long. Poor Kim, she looks like a cow in the headlights. Her sister kourtney is much prettier and a better mother. Who the hell leaves a newborn baby behind to go on a fashion trip??! Crazy! I can’t imagine!

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