1. Smapdi

    Pfft. He left out the fizzing herpes sores.

    • The old Buda statues will now be retired. Loser NO-Talent Porn Stars will rub Buda Kim’s belly for luck to become rich off reality show fans ignorance!

  2. Dan

    It’s so hard being another artist named Dan Edwards with this chucklehead out there.

  3. Tip of the iceberg, I know, but needs way more clay packed onto the ankles

  4. Appearantly, the entire sculpture is made out of butter, just like the actual Kim K.

  5. Little Tongue

    And this is why Kanye has been looking depressed as fuck lately.

  6. After hours, knock on the back door, ask for Dave and he will let you piss on the statue for a dollar.

  7. Ginger Rogers

    This is not Kim K. It’s clearly the Venus of Wilendork, look it up!

  8. There will be much criticism of the statue but it will be ‘armless.

    Am I the first to that joke?

  9. King Doosher

    More power to all of the terrrrrrrible artists in LA who can ream a celebutard for a fat paycheck pandering to their stoopidity. BUT get that check and cash it fast cuz those millionaires are CHEAP FUCKERS.

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