1. …. Grrrrrroossss.

  2. Very hot! Not Kim. Whoever thy photoshopped her head onto.

  3. I’ll bet that ass has it’s own orbit.

  4. mark

    that ass of hers is utterly grotesque. and yet there are idiots out there who celebrate and fetishize this type of physical deformity. meanwhile, her toilet cowers in mortal fear anytime it hears footsteps approaching.

  5. thecrazybetty

    that is the longest crack I have ever seen. disgusting. everytime i see hers or any of these other fake asses like coco, nicki whats her face and the rest…. it just reminds me of the biggest shits they must take. nothing sexy about looking at an ass and thinking of stinky shits. its so ugly I can’t believe she shows it.

  6. Venkman

    The ozone layer just grew another 20% after all that airbrushing

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