1. Ben Dover

    I smell bullshit even though she is fat and stupid
    the only people worse are the people that like this cunt

  2. Real Deal

    sounds like Kris was just calling it as it is.

  3. Cin

    You almost got me fat ass!

  4. At first I thought “oh bullshit, this is just the Kardashian Klux Klan trashing Kris to try to make themselves look better…but then I read this: “One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last”.

    That sounds too real to be made up…but then if they were making stuff up, they might THINK this was an abusive statement rather than a obvious observation of reality…and now I don’t know what to believe, except that I feel like shooting myself in the face for even caring enough to type this.

  5. Karl

    so he spoke the truth an she coudlnt handle it..she has NO talent, NOTHING, shes ugly and needs 3 pounds on makeup, and she is fucking fat!

  6. I still can’t she divorced Kris after spending millions on her wedding. I like Kim but she is a stupid cow for filing for divorce after 72 days.

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