1. hadies

    Oh a villain looks from behind the glass pane,the villain he might think himself to be,the simple b chappy.But that is what he is,Othallo can not help himself,he must possess the woman of his desires.Oh you wild eyed beast of the Projects,you unwerthy inherritor,leavre her now,for she is of higher class,than your sinister dreams,oh you black brigan,you jim crow.leave her alone.You make me scream.King Kong take your hands off of her,what has possessed her mind?Her mother is a tramp.Her father can not be here to give hher wise council.I fuckin hate you.Black bum hole,that you are…………..NOT RACIST,JUST HONEST.K.West you are not GOOD enough for her.You and Ray Jay have CHOSEN to Defile her.Why?we both know why..It’s because you can,you could have any white woman you want,and you do like the blue eyed Masses daughter!oh yeah!you do!not your own ho’s,like P-Diddy with dumb ass P.Hilton,you chose whiey’s woman on purpose,to prove a point,well you’ve done that,now,juust GO!Thats right leave her,leave her a loneust pleaese do what is right.You are not right for her.Go with your own people now.

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