1. umm

    no matter how fake and awful she is, there is something pathetically fascinating about her. I have no idea what it is. maybe it’s the simple fact that she is absolutely uninteresting and represents nothing of value yet somehow captures massive amounts of attention. all that said, if i were to ‘buy in’ i would say i am particularly impressed by her nose. or perhaps i should say the surgeon that made her nose. the bottom lashes are neat as well, but are a bit more explainable. i mean, people buy noses all the time and very few look that good. of course if i were a bazillionaire, i would probably have the same nose and also feed africa so don’t get me wrong, i still give her a big fat fuck you.

    • BE

      In the old days – before media was instantaneous – folks went to carnival/freak shows to feel good about themselves. Thus is the basis of ALL reality television. Tune in to see someone more miserably screwed up than yourself and validates your life choices.

      And it IS exactly what was cut out of that sex tape that makes this woman famous. That’s why it keeps getting mentioned. The thought: “EWWW and she was idiot enough to let it be taped too…” —> What a pathetic freak…no matter how much money she makes, people feel superior. Hence her “success.”

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