1. rantatonne

    Not seen : The Shaman foretelling impending doom from the view of this moon.

  2. rospo

    And this is where fame begins

  3. The Pope

    “This seat cushion will fluff back up, right?”

  4. I’ll be honest, that looks good!

    • mel

      i’ll be honest too. i can’t for the life of me understand why some dudes find women with monstrous, sloppy, cottage-cheese-pocked and no doubt, eye-wateringly pungent asses to be even the slightest bit attractive.

    • Athr

      It certainly does…this is how beautiful women are shaped…

      • I’ve always found Kim to be gorgeous, with great tits and a lovely ass. But recently it seems her butt has taken on a life of its own and is inflating like the national debt. I suspect that, given the chance, I’d be able to put up with it, but what I couldn’t accept would be the incredible self-centeredness and self-entitlement. Not to mention the whiny voices she and her sisters have all developed. Bottom line: I’d fuck her, but I wouldn’t enjoy it (very much).

  5. Dr. Ike

    I wonder if she has trouble finding proper toilet seats?

  6. InkyBlack

    But fuck, what arse through yonder window breaks?

  7. Cock Dr


  8. AssMaster

    Jealous people lol.
    You know even if you had the CHANCE to see that ass in person you’d pop a boner

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