1. YoMamma

    No way did they just have sex. Leather doesn’t come on and off easily in any seat (especially on that ass) and his untied Timberland boots would be overflowing with piss.

    • james

      EXACTLY, those pants Kim has on would have to be CUT OFF.
      He was probably just JACKING OFF, but you KNOW that she wouldnt let him CUM on her, NO WAY!

  2. guttboy

    Are people still bouncing on this trampoline of a chick? Hookers are cheaper and probably cleaner.

  3. Crissy

    “Girl, stop playing, you didn’t finish the job!” Impossible for her to have been having sex in the car with those pants. Those arent easy to put on or take off. Bu Im sure she was doing something else!

  4. Anon

    Wait… Are my eyes going completely crazy/trying to blind me, or is that Kanye’s bare thigh/hip? What is that brown space above his belt???

  5. lizzza

    ps- kim wants to be beyonce sooooo bad… wearing the same shoes beyonce wore 2 weeks ago…

  6. Kim did not have to take her pants off to do what she does best. Kanye has seen the Kim & Ray-Jay video, he knows sucking dick is what Kim does best. That whore can take it baby! Mommie must be so proud. Wait … Kris Jenner is a ho too, she just does it the ol’ fashion way and marries the sucker.

  7. They didn’t have sex, she def gave him head though.

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