1. WTF

    GORGEOUS WOMAN….. WHO’S BIT OF A HO. But hey, aren’t we all?

    • Preach, WTF! So sick of these little cunts who deny that she’s hot. I won’t watch her show in a million years, and yeah her rise to fame was shady; but you guys’ attitude towards her just shows how jealous you are that she’s fucking rich for nothing. But hey, it’s probably the same trolls who go around calling Ian Somerhalder ugly and douche. I’m a dude, but I can admit that the man is what woman consider “a total hottie.” Lesson to be learned: “Do not fear greatness.” But in y’all’s case, “Do not be obsessively jealous of wealth and beauty that you go trolling, it’s sad and pathetic.”

  2. CK

    “DAMN! I hate when my ass spills around to the FRONT!”

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