1. Going…going….gone.

  2. Every time we see her, she’s shoving something brown in her mouth. Stick with what you’re good at, I guess.

  3. Yabbo

    ” I think that, yeah, it could get tough and after you have a baby, there are so many times when I just didn’t want to get up and work…

    It COULD get tough? Gee, I’m glad she can sympathize with all the working moms out there.
    I’m sure it was really hard for her to leave her baby to go back to “work.”

  4. Sloppy Redneck

    Why isn’t it black ?

  5. anonymous

    Still say she eats ugly. She eat’s wide-mouthed like a whale eating plankton.

    It’s a fucking churro not a 4-inch monster burrito.

  6. Odbarc

    Just because the food is 12 inches long doesn’t mean you gotta dislocate your jaw to fit it in your mouth.
    Stupid Diaper-model bitch.

  7. J-Dizzle

    I guess Kanye likes a a good teeth raking.

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