1. cheeri-o


  2. bassackwards

    She’s still looking to deliver that ASS-GRAM…..

  3. Just_As_it_IS

    What about an option for “She’s just a big butted girl and that’s how big butted girls are supposed to look”?
    She happens to have a big butt like thousands of other girls out there. It’s normal, get over it.

    • NO

      Are you saying that this is what the “woman with the best body in the world” normally looks like? Seriously?

      • Josh


        I’m pretty sure that was nowhere in the comment, you’re so determined to hate your eyes play tricks on you.

    • jim

      Normal ? For what a gorilla

      • Just_As_it_IS

        Yes, normal, ask for permission to get out of your mom’s basement just for one time, take a stroll around the block and if you happen to see a big-butted girl, this is what she will look like. So yes, this is normal.

  4. Devast

    Heh. Its not that she is a big butted girl, its that she is a big butted fame whore famous for being pee’d on by a B level celeb. I will laugh myself to death if its ever anounced that she has died from complications

    • Just_As_it_IS

      I don’t care if she’s a fame whore, just stop and think who made her famous in the first place and why she is still famous. Everyone saying shit about her or any other celebrity, it’s just jealousy. She’s rich and famous, you’re not. Why don’t you go and criticize your neighbor about her sex life or any other habit? just because she is not famous. Who cares if she is dating whoever or the size of her butt? Like I said before, thousands and even millions of other people in the world have butts the like or even bigger, and the question remains the same, Who cares? What if this woman was your sister? I bet you wouldn’t write such nasty stuff to one of your relatives, famous or not.

  5. Devast

    whoops… hit submit by accident… as I was saying, died from complications of her ass implants surgery.

  6. Double D

    There’s a simple explanation. Kris Humprhries likes anal, and he ejaculates human growth hormone.

  7. oolala

    I think your explanation is pure genius! And – by the current size of her buttage – she must have had tons of guys doing the same thing for a REAL long time! Here’s another possible reason for that diapered look: (assuming the diapers aren’t being used to collect RayJ’s urine).

    FAT GRAFT PROCEDURE: The squared-off “gorilla butt” outline is caused by fat transfer injections. The problem with this particular fat-grafting procedure is that once the fat is sucked from her donor site (belly or upper thighs), it has to be “pasteurized” (i.e., chunks of dead tissue and blood are strained out). THEN the remaining goop is transferred into 100-200 seperate injections (FYI: only big-bore needles cn be used due to the thick texture of the processed fat) eeeeww! The needles (fat shots) are repeatedly jammed into the patient’s upper ass 100-200 times per session. (Dang – that’s gotta’ hurt BAD!)

    REASON FOR GORILLA ASS SHAPE: Those syringes of fat can only be injected into the top 25-30% of any given butt cheek (due to the proximity of vital nerves running through the rump portion of a human body). The cut off guide line for large bore needle injections is the sacrum, also referred to as the “bottom of your spine” or “horse-tail”. Wherever a patient’s sacrum begins is the lower limit to fat-graft shots.

    SCAR BUILD-UP: This procedure has to be repeated every 9 months or so – because the injected fat is absorbed by the body in 6-9 months. Over time the patient’s buttage ends up looking like a swollen, shelf-ass, freak show, (as you can see in the photos). This happens because the scar tissue from repeated injections will eventually build up too – making the “box-butt ” even more freeeeeaky. That’s why her butt looks as though it’s got an inner “shelf” – growing “up” towards her waistline – rather than curving into a feminine hour-glass shape. (check her photos from the nascar, droopy ass “white-suit” shoot – there’s a huge difference in her butt shape from back then to the photos here & now).

    FYI: Read about her “NO plastic surgery…blah…blah” (from the “veteran” and “rookie” who know) on the “Kris Humphries Girlfriends” blog – it’s a great summer read about the mandatory kastration of kardashian males by their black widow partners! AND – For some serious inside K-dirt – check: “Lamar Odum’s Girlfriends” site too. YIKES!

    • Just_As_it_IS

      Wow, there’s no way I or anyone is going to waste time reading all this crap. I go right past comments larger than 5 lines. Doesn’t everybody? Explanation for what you all see as abnormal is simple. She’s wearing unflattery slacks up to her waist when she should always choose hipsters. SImple as that. Leave all that other crap aside and stop wasting your time too, pal.

  8. Alli

    This dosen’t even look like her!

  9. Sarach

    Yeah, she’s not wearing a diaper.

    Due to a birth defect and have no bladder control. So I’ve been wearing diapers since day one for 30+ years. I’m a woman with similar dimensions to KK and there’s no way that’s a diaper.

    Most days I wear an Abena M4, which is .5 in thick dry and up to 2 in wet and will hold almost 100 oz. This is one of the thickest and biggest adult diapers on the market. This is the diaper I wear in public and I’ve never been called out out for it.

    Even on my worst day my ass never look like that. The ass crack is a dead give away. You will never have a visible crack line like that while wearing a diaper. Even the cheap thinner diapers will cause the crack to disappear. All diapers, even the thin ones, will flatten out your ass. You will never see an ass crack line in someone wearing a diaper.

    This is just a bad picture of a woman with a very large ass wearing a a thong.

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