1. JC

    If she held her arms and legs out, she’d be a much less sexy version of Patrick from “SpongeBob Squarepants.”

  2. Little Tongue

    So Ray J wrote a song about her, called “There’s a fat cow, giving birth in my backyard”. Why should we care?

  3. Hugh Jazz

    Oompa Loompa doo pah dee dwat
    What’s Kim Kardashian stashed in her…

  4. Spidey

    Hindenburg reincarnated.

  5. konfused.

    i stil don’t get it. where’s the baby bump?

  6. Wtf?! I have no problem with her weight gain, she’s never been a skinny girl, you can tell she has to work on her weight all the time, and she’s pregnant, pregnant women gain weight. But seriously what is with her outfits?! Kim look in the mirror

  7. darkidookie

    At least she is trying to work out, more than I can say for most women carrying a baby of color…Looks like she will be chasing Kanye around the strip clubs, trying to get a baby payment…You know he be chasing the white girls…Or he is in Paris setting up a child prostitution ring, which is most likely the case.

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