1. “When I wipe, I use the claw!”

  2. Imagine the size of the logs that come out of that thing. Be an interesting contest between her, J Lo, and Beyonce.

    Just a damned shame. All three are pretty decent otherwise.

    • Lumpy McLumps

      Lipo is miraculous! But that will not save all the poor toilet seats waiting to be violated. Will someone pleeeease think of the poor unfortunate toilet seats!??

  3. Ismoss

    There is something almost hypnotic about the way the lines warp as it goes across that ass. Its like if you could see the time space continuum being bent as it passes near a black hole…uhmmm

  4. aniamalu jennifer

    is her booty and boobs 4 real? NO,they are actually fake and not original. Beyonce is curvy bt doesnt hv dt booty as sexy j.lo. Hers is real.

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