1. That Guy


  2. Scott

    Awesome tits!!!

  3. imagen

    Her boobs gross me out. You can tell she has those huge nipples that look like buckwheat pancakes. Even though I’m a woman I definitely appreciate boobs, but hers are just…ew.

  4. ntlj

    Ha, the write up in pic 2 makes me lol “…Kim K can’t sing, act or dance but she’s found the role of a lifetime in the fine art of playing herself…”

    thought it should have read.”.. in the fine art of playing with herself.”

  5. cocoou

    she looks like Cher!!! :D

  6. SHADE

    FINALLLLLYYY! Some NSFW goodnesss.

  7. great tits! horrible ass! i’d still eat it though…

  8. Hugh Gentry

    amazing tits

  9. meat

    I want to shove my cock in there and go on a vag-tastic voyage. Seriously, her ass is so big it has to be accounted for in alterations of the earths gravitational pull. If you can get in that black-hole ass of hers, you could travel through time.

  10. Pretty girl. Looks good with clothes on. Looks even better naked.

  11. asshole

    i don’t like nipples that come with a story for the blind.

  12. ahole

    i like my nipples without stories for the blind

  13. Hello

    Those are some nasty looking tits. Do men find giant nipples attractive?

    • you are a jealous cow

      her nipples are not giant, see above picture. i think you mean areolas by the way, you are a lady and don’t know the difference between nipples and areolas. now start to drool, then cry, because you’ll never have tits like that, and your husband doesn’t want to fuck you. oh, and to answer your question, men definitely do find nipples like her’s attractive. look at the picture again. then drool, and cry all over again. Mooooo

      • nikkie

        the comment was just an observation, she’s still drop dead gorgeous, any female would kill to look like her, but acknowledge that fact that her boobs aren’t as perfect. I’m sure all men would disagree.

      • uh?

        stfu nikkie

      • Marie

        Sorry, Nikkie, but I am a woman and I don’t want to look like her… I love my tight little but and my normal sized nipples AND areolas ;) There is NO WAY I would kill even a cockroach to look like her! lol!

  14. Buffalo Dick


  15. isitin

    Nice body, shame about her ass.

  16. Gota love how no one even cares what nice fuckin tits she has too! Some bigass nips on em joints too :-) mmm mmm mmmmmm

    • Lolo

      unfortunately they are teeny tiny. i was hopin they would be big and soft too, but they’re small and pink. check out her playboy pics… those show full nipple

  17. Kristina

    is it just me? or does she have HUGE pancake nips? jesus.

  18. GeneralEmergency

    Screw the famewhore angle here.

    The really exciting thing buried in plain sight in these pics is that some genius chemical engineer came up with a paint that would stick to lard!

    Just think…Designer Bacon!

  19. nasty

    She has nipples like a woman that has had about 4 kids. Huge over sized bad looking nipples. These whores have surgery constantly but they have not figured out huge nipples look horrible. Simply amazing someone could be this delusional. She looks like shit.

    • Cock Dr

      Some people’s opinion on Ms. K’s nipples must be decidedly different……the endorsements & money just keeps rolling into the Kardashian coffers.
      One person’s “shit” must be another person’s diamonds.

  20. Oh

    Is one of her nipples bigger than the other?

  21. Smokin hot

    She is so smoking hot and there is not one dude on here (hetero that is) who wouldn’t absolutely jump at the chance to get a sweet piece of that. Big ass? Sure. But you can’t tell me that jumping in the sack with her would not fun.

  22. Joe Bananas

    Useless bitch with a fat ass.

    I respect every celebrity, but this bitch is famous for nothing. If not for retarded kids and fat fucks behind their computers jerking off, she would be working at Burger King.

  23. lmao

    nasty ,, nasty even her torso looks nasty.. nasty nasty girl

  24. Ponkur

    You people must be special needs or something. This is what an ass and tits should look like.

    Go back to jerking off to teen boys like Momsen. Those knobbly knees and visible ribcages make me want to puke.

  25. goi

    i would first get kim drunk then set up multiple video cameras,fuck her 13 and 15 yr old sisters, cum in their pussies then get kim to see her sisters with cum filled pussies then give her the same.

  26. Julie

    I watched her show where she was crying over these pics. I had one question then, and the same one now…HOW did the pics go to print withOUT her approval first? That’s just absurd that she didn’t DEMAND that.

  27. Rory

    ewwww her nipples are the size of dinner plates

  28. dustybugger

    who cares about the size of her nipples!! the problem is someone is ACTUALLY trying to pass this off as ART! the grossest porno magazines have better layouts then this! whoever conned kim into thinking these prints would be “artistic” must have a person vendetta and really hate her. And yes, HER PLAYBOY PHOTOS WERE A THOUSAND TIMES MORE ARTISTIC!!! EWWWWWW

  29. Lucy Lu

    I happen to think Kim is a beautiful woman with a nice body. Slutty past and seemingly vacuous nature aside, she appears to come across to me as a decent person regardless. And for those who are sensible enough to let her do her thing without judgement, I applaud you.

    On the other hand, anyone who wants to make a crack about Kim having a fat arse only black guys like might as well be saying, “she’s too black” in the first place. You tragic, racist and sexist bunch of degenerates are absolutely and inarguably FULL. OF. SHIT. If that magnificent derriere passed anything through it, it would probably make more sense than your bullshit existence.

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