1. How many bovines had to die to make those pants. it must have been like Cowmageddon. No, wait, Cowschwitz. No wait, the apocowlypse.

  2. Facebook Me

    I still trying to figure which is worse? When she wore those white pants or these?

    Seen in these same leather pants? Say it isn’t so!

    BTW, comments above are great!

  3. Cock Dr


  4. bonerhard

    I can see her panties through her Goodyear(TM) pants

  5. Georgio

    Jesus! I was actually afraid to click the “view full size” tab!

  6. Rob

    She’s so deluded. She probably thinks her ass looks good in that.

  7. GuyLeDouche

    I did click “View Full Size”, and people in Alaska had it bulging into their living rooms.

  8. spanky

    I don’t even have a funny joke I just need to put this out there. That shit is disgusting.

  9. OMG

    that is a amazing butt.

    ive never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life…

    why cant I find a woman like this…….omg.. drives me insane.
    id kill to bite into that..and then rim her for hours.

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