1. Frank Burns

    “Hey kids, I do nothing and get everything, you have nothing and need anything. Hahahaha, ain’t life grand!?”

  2. Emanuelle

    Chairity Publicity with 1500 shoes and 200k cars. I realy care as long as I get better of it.

  3. Sow-A-Seed’s?? Do you know how many seeds this slutty cow has sowed?

  4. arnieblackblack

    She’s a fucking poverty tourist of the very worst kind. Go fuck off and do something real you awful specimen of narcasistic, soulless, self serving, vile scum. PS I love the kids Santy Claus hat tee hee!

  5. This shot is the very definition of “laughing at you and not with you”.

  6. madmax

    Whatever, Kim’s scanning the room for potential new husbands. ” ok boys enough of this inane hunger talk, let’s see how well you can handle a basketball!!” Worthless pig

  7. moopy

    small african child on the right

    says it all with his face

  8. Scab

    See what urine can do for you!

  9. Rayray

    Everyone has it all wrong, Kim went to Haiti to meet her employees

  10. umm

    what has she done to her nose? she is really starting to look like her mother. too far.

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