1. Morning

    Who the hell wears fucking HUGE earrings to the beach???!! Seriously, she is so fucking annoying. She NEVER swims when she is near water. All she does is just stand there like a moron waiting for the flash to snap.

    Fucking annoying. She needs to realize that she is INfamous, not famous. I hate how most of her fans stick up for her & when asked why they like her, then they respond with, “Oh I love how she puts on makeup! lolz!”

    ANYONE can put makeup on if trained correctly and PLUS she always has makeup artist to put that nasty junk on her face daily. She even admitted that she can’t cake her face herself worth shit. She can’t do anything on her own accept be fucking ANNOYING- she’s quite talented at that.

  2. fr@

    stop wining, she’s hot

  3. mondo270

    and why the cloris leachman sunglasses?

  4. Pub

    Garbage., just like her sisters. Utterly worthless, undeserving of being called human.

  5. Jack Mehoff

    I’d suck on those big titties and ass.

  6. eldo

    The fact that she annoys enough for you to waste 5 minutes of your life typing 3 paragraphs about how much she annoys you speaks volumes about your inferiority.

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