1. Richport's Ghost

    Holy fuck, that leg looks like a furry tree trunk.

  2. chad scrogi

    Wow, its really annoying that she hides her ass. That ass and her sex tape is what made her famous ..


    she hides the big fat ass & short tiny legs cause she ain’t gonna be able to fotoshop it before it gets released to ‘el publico’
    stupido …
    lol hilarious that anyone thinks this is hot …ewwwww lawwwwwwwd skank ..LMFAO

  4. Ada

    You’re just jelous, she’s so gorgeous, I love her outfit and her lips are perfect, wish I was her 8->

  5. Shemp

    I don’t think much of her, person-wise, but there’s no denying she’s a beautiful woman. Check out her feet, though. They are starting to get pretty huge and splayed out from having to support that weight.

    Big feet: the downside of being a curvy chick…

  6. KLS

    She is beautiful, and just because you have breast and hips dont mean your fat. She has a very sexy body. Id rather it anyday over a skinny beanpole. I have a shape similar to hers and men love it.

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