1. Teriberka


  2. BobbyBob

    Chunka – chunka – chunka

  3. UncleStinky

    shit, we seen her fuck negros on videotape. who cares about bikini shots?

  4. mom

    She is such a famewhoe. Thank you Superficial for actually recognizing that fact!!!

  5. UncleStinky

    Id still pop her pooper though.

  6. JD

    I know she’s a mudshark, but she’s still pretty hot. Not that I would go there after she’s been playing Dian Fossey and all, but still, if it wasn’t for that I would.

  7. Buffalo Dick

    Sarong? Looks like the Bedspread from a cheezy Hollywood No-Tell Motel… enough of this fat biotch already….

  8. fugnut

    ugly is ugly dawg ..let;s call it as it is ..

  9. fugnut

    ps ain’t cause she fat ..she has short legs she always hiding ..a phoney skank famewhore ..ugly greasy as hell

  10. Mike

    She-Man………………..and a fat one at that. Stick to parka’s, you make me want to gag when you put all the fat in a bikini.

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