1. meat


    I hear it coming a mile away. I’d still dump a load on that mothertrucker turd smuggling fart box she’s got.

  2. adolf hitler

    so hawt. girls n gays jealous.

  3. midgetporn

    jealous of what ????
    2 inch legs that need 6 inch heels so that tub of saggin’ lard don’t hit the ground ?
    get real jackass

  4. Anonymous

    Kim i got a picture of you with you real ass and it was way flat you’re the only black girl allowed to show off your big beautiful shapely ass and the only Mexican that’s allowed to look like a native Ms. Pocahontas and your beauty is very much thought after and admired but wait a minute your’re a white woman ripping us off with all blessings by the powers that be

  5. Cock Dr


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