1. baron of all media

    Look, I’m no scientist, but playing the percentages, there’s a 100% chance at some point in her life she sat on something toxic. Yes, I was thinking of Ray J too when I said that. And then I thought of his demon urine. And then I thought of jellyfish. And then I realized I didn’t have enough bread crumbs to get home. Her ass is big.

  2. NYC I Banker


  3. NYC I Banker

    Remember, she was pissed on in that sex vid.

  4. Snookie's Pickle

    That Asian woman in the back is about to run for her life. She probably thought Godzilla had finally become real.

  5. Erica


  6. Erica


  7. adolf hitler

    trim spa baby

  8. Jackie

    Didn’t know psoriasis caused cellulite. Better never go out without the spanx again!

  9. Fluckface

    Psoriasis = antisemitism. People with psoriasis should be dealt with very harshly.

    • batgirl

      Hey…you are a Fluckface if thats your way of thinking. Psoriasis is a serious issue. Fluckface need to take a back seat!

  10. fed up

    NASTY, NASTY I wish the media would quit covering this nasty fat @ss and it would kill her career and maybe she would crawl back under whatever rock she’s from and disappear forever.

  11. Joe

    Why the hell is this spoiled brat human urinal famous?

  12. You know when she hits 40, she’s going to blow up like The Goodyear Blimp.

    That’s in 5 years, yes?

  13. tom

    Really? Leprosy? Psoriasis is not contagious, it’s as skin condition… Grow up.

    • batgirl

      Its something your born with……handed down through generations. You don’t even know if you have it until you show signs in your thirties>

      • if you know ANYthing about this site it should be that imaturity is funny and we love it. so if you’re looking for a symapthetic take on Kim’s ‘psoraisis’ (i think its much more likely herpes of the entire body because she’s a human trash can) you’re on the wrong site.

  14. Ck

    To compare Psoriasis even remotely with Lep. is an outrage. Those of us who suffer with this incurable disease need the public to be educated not add additional fear due to our overproduction of skin cells.. Shame on you – and by the way if you want to make an outrageous statement come up with one of your own… this has been used numerous times – its old hat. AS are you.

  15. LB

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. Thanks for more negative publicity. I love having to explain that I’m not a leper the same way the superficial writers love having to explain their flaccid, undersized and utterly ineffective male genitalia.

  16. Amanda

    All of you igonorant bitches need to stfu. psoriasis is a friggen disorder that has to do with the immune system. I should know cause my dad suffers from it. She can not help that it has been passed down by her mother and you stupid bitches making up all kinds of bullshit “she has leprosy” How much more ignorant and stupider can u get?? Im sure the reason you guys are talking all kinds of shit is cause you dislike her or perhaps jealousy? But psoriasis is a serious disease that shouldn’t be made fun of specially for a petty reason like disliking her. Many people suffer from psoriasis on a daily basis, so all you no lives figure out wtf your talking bout before you post. Thanks (:

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