1. anna

    what a slut! it’s funny to see that after being with Reggie for 3 years and according to her “in love”, 3 months after their break up she has a new man! that only shows that this bitch was never really in love. like who does that? and who gets over someone fast, especially if they were in love? that is just stupid! This bitch only cares for herself, her needs and wants and this guy is obviously going out with her because what guy wouldn’t? and to be honest she is not all that, if one googles her without any makeup on one will see what is really underneath that makeup. not good at all!

  2. lola

    Umm… Reggie moved on much quicker. The best way to get over a dead dog or ex is by getting a new one. It doesn’t mean she didn’t love him! She wanted to marry him! Don’t get me wrong, I hate everything else about that vile woman.

  3. el monte resident

    I think he’s just dating her for good luck. Reggie won a superbowl when he was with her & the same year lamar odom & the lakers win another championship after he marries Khloe. He’s making a calculated career move. I applaud him for it.

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