1. susan

    the only reason she would be mad about a re-release of these photos is that she wasn’t as in shape then as she is now! she still looks good here, but look at her pics from all summer, her body is bangin’ now!

  2. Double D

    Who here thinks Kim takes it in the ass? She didn’t in her vid, but I’ll bet she loves it.

  3. Mel

    She doesn’t… She makes you think that she will. She hints at it. She teases you with the idea of it. But she’ll never take it in the ass. No matter how much I beg.

  4. kingofbeer

    This just in…

    Guys that like to bang chicks in the ass are most likely gay..

    that is all.


  5. bernard

    oh my god, i’d do so many things to this… my wife makes me feel such

    i’m a luck bastard

  6. LM

    I don’t understand why she is so pissed off.. I mean we seen it all in her sex tape. Publicity whore, for sure.

  7. Blech

    Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, even my mom can look like her.

  8. Victor

    She’s Freakin Sexy………… I could Look At her All day!!!

  9. yo boi

    she’s so fake,i’d fuck a chic wih nice tit fer sure but only if they were real

  10. yo boi

    i’d preffer non silicone,it’s just wierd

  11. they call me.......MR. TIBBS

    Kim has a nice ass but it’s not that big by brotha standards. Most White guys don’t want chicks with ample hips and ass. That’s why she dates black men.

  12. Maybe she was not pissed long enough, maybe she should make a film treasure, or 100 Bukkake man, or one of them Japanese style vomit vids .. well at least she showed her ass :-) its money this way. Yum Yum Gimme Some
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  13. booboo

    YUMMY!!!! Would lick that till it fell off

  14. Rayray

    She’s just nasty….fat ass and worst of all stuck up and lousy bitchy attitude

  15. Trina

    The only one making a big deal about the pictures and even giving a shit is her. Being a tart is what made her famous.She can say she got famous because she was a stylist and blah blah,but not many people even know that.SMH

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