1. Her body is made of sausage.

  2. KingDoosher

    Hammhooocks! Muthafuckin Hammhoooocks. (from a song you don’t know.)

  3. julianne moore says: attentionwhore FAIL.

  4. SIN

    Her whole body is a cankle.

  5. cc

    I see NASA has been renting out their material science experts to shoe manufacturers.

  6. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    That looks like she’s going to have major problems from preeclampsia. She better be keeping an eye on her blood pressure, she’s looked swollen for months. Not just pregnant, but retaining tons of water. Yeah yeah yeah, she may be an attention whore carrying demon spawn, but I don’t wish death on any mother and child.

  7. SheIsAnIdiotWithTheBrainOfAnAdolesentSpoiledInsecureNarcissist

    Those cankles in thos shoes proves how narcissistic she really is, any intelligent woman would not do that whiles pregnant.

  8. whatthe

    She is soooo delusional. She probably thinks that she looks good in those shoes.

  9. thecrazybetty

    why would she do this? it looks so bad. makes me think gravy is going to start running down her leg. ew.

  10. lola

    The general public (yes, you, preeclampsia guys) is so poorly educated in medicine I want to put a bomb in the Medscape quarters.

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