1. She’s like a professional wrestler.

    Bear with me here; on the one hand, it’s all fake, and therefore essentially meaningless, because the outcome of every “conflict” is scripted, and therefore, predetermined. On the other foot, you have to admire the pain, suffering, and sheer athleticism that the players display just to put on the show.

  2. anonymous

    LOL….I’ve seen baking cupcakes with less top flowing over.

  3. deliberately vague

    cover those pig’s nuckles up , for the love of all that is decent about humanity

  4. The last time I saw something like these, they were being sold out of a jar in a convenience store in Alabama.

  5. Even Tarantino would puke at the thought of licking pig feet.

  6. This is the footwear that animal trainers use to train cloven-hoofed animals to walk upright.

  7. What devious spell was cast over the viewing public to make us see these five fat tootsies instead of the cloven hooves I know are really at the end of those chunky legs? Dark Magic, indeed.

  8. Rex Ryan

    Is it my birthday already?

  9. Ugh! they look like hot dogs wrapped with rubber bands and scotch tape!

  10. me

    Some of that is swelling from edema, to be fair, but she’s an idiot wearing those shoes.

  11. Beauty beyond health. really )))

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