1. Deacon Jones

    This is what old fat diabetics look like they before they cut off their feet.

    What a mess.

  2. unreasoning anxiety

    mmmmm , pigs in a blanket!!!

  3. I’m no doctor, but that looks like a pretty good recipe for gangrene to me.

  4. Sam

    Gestational diabetes with , more than likely, preeclampsia… she’ll have that baby before her scheduled cesarean.

  5. cc

    This is either Kim’s feet or a failed attempt at making sausages.

  6. Her ankles look like refrigerator biscuits just after you’ve popped the cardboard tube open.

    Seriously, does this woman have *any* shame? Is she so hungry for publicity and attention that she’ll do anything for them, even if she looks ridiculous and grotesque?

    I’d be angry, but I suppose she gets off knowing that people think about her, even negatively.

  7. Jentilly

    Lol she knows she’s pregnant right? Wear flip flops or flats moron!

  8. Not Kosher

    Those are some nasty hoofs on that pig!

  9. El

    That’ll do, piggies. That’ll do.

  10. Mama Pinkus

    Hilarious to see her pathetic attempts to hold on to her “ho baton

  11. mark

    Vanity is always funny. Instead of finding a nice man and marrying him, then having children, idiots like this do it all out of order. Kids are accessories and they still have to make it about them. No one thinks how screwed up the kid will be later in life, having two self-absorbed, narcissistic idiots as parents. Good work, Kardashian family!

  12. Cankles with muffin tops?

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