1. Whatever

    Yum, semen! *licks condom*

  2. The only real names on the table for that little calf are Krispy or Kreme.

  3. Phaid

    Knorth West. There, done.

  4. That’s Pink Berry Humphrey’s man seed. Fight the cravings! Fight em!

  5. Dereleek

    North West? Do black people understand how stupid they seem to the rest of the world?

  6. S. Hemp Melipone

    Who’s she trying to kid? That’s somePapa John’s Garlic Butter dipping sauce she’s got there…

  7. Zach Braffianakis

    Rimming practice…

  8. Edna

    Is that Delta Burke from ‘Designing Women 80s tv”

  9. Is this her pregnancy diet? One dixie cup full a day.

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