1. punter

    Stupid fucking monkey right there.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Her face looks like one of those masks in the Naked Gun movies.

    Im expecting a *dead* Leslie Nielsen to rip if off and then trip over something.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Is that a dead pixel, or is there really a fleck of dried cum on her lip?

  4. Cock Dr


  5. anonym

    You can already see how terrible she will look in 5 years.

    that face is so fucked with plastic surgery.

    No wonder she is whoring herself to the media right now. Her years are numbered.

    • Mama Pinkus

      I agree – she’s really overdoing it and it is making her look much older – the pillow face / trout pout look is so common these days but it never looks normal.


    Is this site populated by the inbred children of failed white supremacist nazi nut jobs or did I lose my way?

  7. karlito

    i’ll play Zira in the next Planet of the Apes movie…no makeup required.

    • Syd

      She’s looking 45yrs-up with all that crap she has on + had done to her face. The poundage she’s carrying around is disgusting, those legs are like my Gramma’s. Her only friend is Photoshop!

  8. fadingstarlight

    doesn’t she look like the puppet from The Dark Crystal?

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