1. me

    she looks exactly like her mother!

  2. turk

    she is not interested that. bec it s not true. it s not real. its lie. come and see the armenian people in turkey. than say that lies.. read the real story. not asking people who is nat interesten his or her country history. they always say lie,always,every year…must be an ugly people to believe that armenian genocide…

  3. hye

    how unfortunate to be a turk, reviled by so many, ignorant of world history;
    1.5 MILLION ARMENIANS WERE MURDERED BY TURKS in the first modern genocide. You have only to look in your own mirror to see an ugly person. I guess that’s why you’re caught checking out Kim KardashIAN’s pic, huh? Such an ugly person, yeah right!

    • turk

      you fully a big lier like who believe this lie…bec of beeing stupid and ugly…i m sorry you re a big ugly in the cosmos… :D

    • aivaz

      You’re a psychopathic, ultranationalist, fascist person like all Armenians are. You are delusional concerning everything that is related to Turkey, or the Turks. You can identify yourself as an Armenian just thanks to the so-called Armenian Genocide, you have nothing else in your culture to have an Armenian identity. If you keep insisting on making Turkey recognize a genocide, what about your nasty, cruel atrocities committed against the Khodjaly Turks, which is called Khodjaly Genocide? Mexico, and Colombia recognized the Khodjaly Genocide, also will Hungary, Turkey, and many others do. Just accept that fucking crime you murderer, ugly Armenians!

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