1. Someone just asked her how many hours it took to plastic weld that outfit to her plastic butt.

  2. Cock Dr

    I must look away from the unending heifer holocaust.

  3. YoMamma

    At least I can’t see his fucking mouth hanging open in this get up – I approve.

  4. Sheisannoying

    Halloween must be her favorite holiday..An excuse to dress up in more slutty costumes and take lots of pictures of herself posing.

  5. Thank God it wasn’t Halle Berry’s catwoman costume…

  6. Tiger

    The gold-plated Aventador is actually the most tasteless thing in this pic.

  7. CK

    For a moment I thought is was April Fool’s Day, not Halloween.

    Mooo, bitch.

  8. dirtdog


  9. Kanye drives Lamborghini’s, but buys his Halloween costume from K-mart?

  10. Jaime

    How.is.that.possible? Surely this must be an illusion? Why don’t the seams split open? Bionic thread???


  11. Ismoss

    I have to say it actually looks smaller than normal, so where did all the jello go?

  12. catapostrophe

    It’ll take a superhero to wash the putrid “trench ass” stench out of that costume.

  13. ss109

    Looks like an overstuffed Hefty bag ready to burst.

  14. John Riley

    I was hoping for something different than Fatwoman and Blackman.

  15. Juano

    The costume makes it look like she has stretch marks on her butt, so it is very realistic in that regard.

  16. So.. uh.. let me get this straight.. this bitch probably paid about 700-800 bucks on custom latex.. yet she couldn’t spend a few bucks on lube to shine it? Are you fucking kidding me?? This bitch makes me want to slap her -___-

  17. amanda

    At least he remembered to black out the eyes…

  18. SWalton

    Ahh i see the Bat Cave is portable now

  19. Sam

    If i see kanye on the street, im gonna knock his bitch ass out!

  20. #NoMoreJemimaPlease

    Is that ass supposed to be appealing?
    Ugh. Looks like Aunt Jemima’s buttcheeks pumped with cotton.

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