1. arnieblackblack

    The delirious pointing out the obvious to the populous… even! Exit stage left.

  2. Max

    I’m pretttttttty sure the jurors know a little more about this case than Kim does (or any of you reading this do). I’m sure we’ll find out in the coming days or weeks why they found her not guilty. I’m well aware that every media story made it look like Casey was guilty, but that’s what they do best. That’s why you have to find jurors who haven’t been contaminated by the media stories.

  3. arnieblackblack

    Heavens to murgatroyde! Max is so serious…even.

  4. CantFixStupid

    And this revelation is surprising how? Simply put… Kim, STFU, were you in the courtroom every day? Did you hear every bit of testimony? I didn’t think so you pinhead!

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