1. fap

    Why is this fatty famous again?

  2. Steve

    If she’s so worried about how her ass looks, why is she wearing super-tight pants?

  3. C.L

    It’s Kim without makeup. Everything about this girl is wrong. The legs are about 3 inches long. She is so disproportionate it looks alien.

    And – i have to say – what’s with picture 9? Her ass is now wrapping around to the front too.

    This is one hideous bitch

  4. babyyy

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!! are you crazy people?? she is beautifulll!!! with or without make-up !! normally i dont comment but this is ridicilous ! you are probally like all UGLY people and just so jelous of kim.shes like the prettiest girl on the planet , do you even believe your self . who are you kidding go get a life losers and leave kimmie alone. your gorgeous doll love yaa xoxo

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