1. gross

    aww, what happened kim? are you nervous that everyone will see that you’re still ridiculous looking and that all that photoshop is what makes you look lean and slim in your photos? lying b*tch.

  2. dirtyrat

    that’s a mad pack of ass

  3. kennyPenny

    What’s wrong with that? Many people, especially black people come to mind, just like the song “I like big butts”. In fact most of my friends prefer that however I think she looks a little big for my taste.

  4. kim

    most black people back in the day ass was real, these young people today has some extra fake mess put in. she looks like a short bag of mess. ugly, fake eyes,nails, nose,lips, fingernalil, butt, breast, hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa, just for material things, what going to happen to her soul

  5. Sick

    She looks nasty. EVERYONE KNOWS HER ASS IS FAKE!! Her ass implants are too big and look nasty. You can find before and after ass pictures online. She was assless before. Lol

  6. jake

    she is a fat ass ugly biatch ! those guys who like her has never seen a beautiful sexy woman in their lives before.
    how did this fat ass become famous? ( by recording her fat ass being f…d by a black dude)

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