1. triggerfish


  2. Miss

    damn you triggerfish

  3. robert

    holy shit look at her fucking thighs

  4. Heywood Jablowme

    She’s built like a refrigerator box!

  5. The birth of a puzzle:
    What does the Sky and Kim Kardashian’s ass
    have in common?

    answer: You can’t cover either of them with a hand.

  6. Asslover

    UM, sorry but that’s not Kim…maybe the sister

  7. Suze

    It was probably a period day.

  8. FACE

    I would still give her a 24 hour rim job

  9. that id not kim thats her sister

  10. C.L

    just goes to show what makeup, a pair of 7-inch stilettos, a heavy-duty girdle and some photoshop can do!

  11. babyyy

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!! are you crazy people?? she is beautifulll!!! with or without make-up !! normally i dont comment but this is ridicilous ! you are probally like all UGLY people and just so jelous of kim.shes like the prettiest girl on the planet , do you even believe your self . who are you kidding go get a life losers and leave kimmie alone. your gorgeous doll love yaa xoxo

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