1. Cock Dr

    This classic B & W coloring helps us quickly identify the Holstein breed of cattle, famed for their vast dairy production capabilities.

  2. “Precious 2: Preciouser”

  3. Brooke

    That’s odd… normally they protrude from the front…

  4. OMG! She looks like a killer whale with lipstick!

  5. CK

    That’s No Moon, Han Solo

  6. Jentilly

    For someone who is so into fashion she really needs to learn how to dress for pregnancy, she is getting big fast!!

  7. Kate

    If you squint, just the black half of the dress looks like 1 human with a gigantic ass.

  8. Throb the Wonder Mule

    I’d slam my face into that HUGE fat ass IF it wasn’t STD corroded and such.

    Read that a vaginal delivery helps SQUEEZE out fluid from the baby’s lungs- a good thing. Her kid will FLY out so damm fast without even hitting a side…….

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