1. Taibhse

    holy shit.

  2. JC

    Nabisco is proud to announce the new Special Edition Oreo, designed by Jessica Simpson.

  3. “Hi, Kim! Who’s that behind you?”

  4. menkuare

    A cross between an Orca and human?

  5. Inner Retard

    Black and white… looks like she felt Holstein today. Can’t wait for her to wear purple. Though Milka must dread that day.

  6. henry hill

    Of course, after Jerry consumed the cookie he vomited, ending his 17-year streak.

    I feel nauseous myself.

  7. dirtdog



    Everyone is thinking it … OrcaDashian

  9. The designer of that dress needs to be shot out of a cannon.

  10. Tom

    She is going to make Jessica Simpson look like Kate Moss before pumping out that bastard child.

  11. contusion


  12. How cute, a baby bump – if that baby was a walrus.

  13. I knew she was giving birth to a calf, but I thought it was more of the “moo” variety, not “blow hole”.

  14. Alex

    Holy Shit! What is she about 20 months pregnant here?

  15. Alex

    She is the first person to carry half the baby in her ass

  16. Bat Guano

    Sweet Christ! It’s a giant walking big toe!
    I feel so sorry for this calf/child.

  17. lolololol!!!!!

  18. Mario Starr

    I thought that was Orca the whale reincarnated.

  19. The Killer Whale look is a knockout! Seriously folks, if she bumps into you, her fat, pregnant ass will knock you out!

  20. dadu

    A remake of Free Willy? I’m in!

  21. MFer

    Jesus Christ! Is this real?

  22. Marc Ferris


  23. hijkmno

    QUIT. FUCKING. EATING. you’re not eating for two, you’re eating for one plus a fetus the size of a fucking kumquat. what’s a kumquat, you say? okay…terms you understand. you’re eating for one plus a fetus the size of a …testical?

  24. Looloo

    Trying to copy beyonce’s grammy look, but not working out for her

  25. girl dylan

    Who cares how pregnant she is, she knows how to stay relevant; as long as it’s tight in the ass she’s golden. (Pun intended.)

  26. Edvard Munch

    She literally in her own protective bubble now as well as figuratively. Maybe the kid, in a few years, will tell her she didn’t like being a whore baby.

  27. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Holy Fuck Batman ! !

  28. Really??

    ORCA! And looks like it swallowed the rest of the pod too.

  29. mark

    Kanye’s seed has ruined Kim K.

  30. oh i know

    THAT’S what you call “Double Stuff”!!!

  31. Dizzle

    When i saw this picture i thought they were doing a remake of Batman and the Penquin

  32. ErikThaRed

    You all wish your women had a body as hot as hers. She pregnant…chicks gain weight when they get pregnant..grow up… she still looks hotter than all of your women combined.

  33. Zawada3819

    Oh good, yet another post on Kim kartrashian. It’s so important to stay up to date on what party she’s hosting, who she’s using, or her trashy sex tape

  34. Lusty Frontbottom

    Who would have guessed the Elijah Wood movie North was a biopic? From IMDb: “Eleven-year-old North has had it with his parents. They are always busy with their careers and don’t give North the attention he needs, so he files a lawsuit against them. “

  35. John Travolta

    I didn’t need to click on full size. She already spilled out over the side of my monitor. Geez.

  36. Havana B

    I don’t care for neither Kanye nor Kim, but under no circumstances would I call them bastards! You are super idiotic to call someone such a fallacied name when they are actually not bastards. How deep does your hatred and ignorance run to refer to people you do not know by such a derogatory name. Guess that makes you Paula Deen’s BFF, huh? So ignorant, people here is the future of America! ARGHHHHHH!!!!

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