1. O'chunt

    She’s got Kim’s ass – but on the front.

  2. maeby

    whoa i had no idea she was that huge.

  3. RC

    I’m the same height as Kim and had a nightmare that I had a huge ass like Kim. She’s eats a lot to maintain her huge ugly behind!

  4. Coyote

    Gorilla in the Mist

  5. a short haired girl

    apparently the paparazzi in the dominican republic haven’t acquired digital cameras with megapixels higher than .5

  6. Kevin

    Nothing more gross than a pregnant women in a bikini or naked on a magazine cover. Fuckin nasty. I’d say have some self respect but look who I’d be saying it to.

  7. COURTNEYfan

    no need to be clear to masturbate, enough to think of COURTNEY and dream of HER to cum immediately;

  8. rich

    I’m not sure what this picturew means but it isn’t all that attractive in a bikini.

  9. Bruce Jenner

    Well, she looks ok from the rear. Though I don’t know who wants to see a pregnant woman in a bikini. I don’t even want to see one fully dressed.

  10. Dick Hell

    If you guys keep impregnating ugly women this nightmare will never stop. Remember, only breed with 5s or higher.

  11. marie

    dnt be mean we wmen give u kids,maybe if men got preg be the same look,u guys wouldnt sayit2ur mums or sis’s.but Kadashans r fake ugly fat hos got2 accept they r natrly big and ugly and surgery ruins skin and sags ages u!

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