1. verga

    her eyes look totally asymmetrical in this photo, she almost reminds me of sloth from the goonies with one eye way up high on her face and the other way down somewhere else looking rather sad.

    the cans are still terrific though.

  2. KK-H8r

    Of course she would if the price is right and she gets enough coverage of the wedding and she gets to be in every movie made from now on and she gets to suck anyone’s cock she wants to and she get to have her own plane and her own TV show called “KIM the Slut”.

    Anyone stupid enough to marry this used up fucking cunt deserves all they get including all of the STDs this fester hole is probably carrying around.

    Fuck You KUNT, we’re tired of your shit. FOAD Bitch!!

  3. BAHAH

    I don’t think anyone with free-will would marry her. I mean, everyone got a inside look or her marriage with Kris – she was a selfish, conceited, hypocritical, bitch. No one wants to touch that. The world only revolves around her according to her. She doesn’t know how to compromise, it’s her way or the I’ll-sit-my-fat-ass-on-you-until-you-suffocate-and-die-you-asshole way. Plus, knowing that everyone in the world has seen her have sex is just disgusting and not classy.

    Kim is married to one person, and always will be: Her fat, cellulite, penis-loving ass.
    (Notice how I say ‘person’. Her ass is of that status to her.)

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