1. MisterSuccint

    The Phew. The Plowed. The Mammaries.

    • She does more black guys before 9 a.m. than most people do all day. (I know this is for the Army, but dammit I thought it was relevant!)

  2. Remember when we wanted to kill “The Reds, and Red Coats”, for that matter? Makes me wish we wanted to kill the red-dress wearing whore! Hoo-raaa!

  3. Spartacus

    She’s just a cun…. MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. brick

    Can we PLEASE get a Kardashian filter in this damn place?

  5. Tron

    Black mans Kryptonite.

  6. Josephus

    In every photo like this, etc. etc.

  7. Monsignor Nelson

    “Eyes … front ! ”
    “That’s where I’m looking, sir ! “

  8. ZZZ

    I bet she thought she was going to the Marine Whores Ball.
    She realised they were’t gonna be giving out any whore awards, so she left.

  9. She’s blown more black dues than Hurricane Katrina. Shitty of her to just show up for pictures and leave. Of course, if it had been a white Marine, she would have been busy. These hardcore mother fuckers fight for your freedoms, and that includes the freedom to get pissed on in a home video that made you millions. So Semper Fi, and fuck you Kim you goddamned cow. You could have enlightened this young man by staying.


  10. ThisWillHurt

    “I don’t get why this bitch is so fam- oh, shit! She’s got me! I’m down!”

  11. jorge


  12. Mickey01232000

    I have discovered that Kim Kardashian is Armenian for worthless pig!

  13. visible

    bless him. he’s not even tryin’ to pretend he’s not looking at them airbags.

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