1. spartacus

    hair pulled into ‘do’s’ so often the scapl cannae take nae more Jim

  2. eww

    Why does her face look so fat? Did she just get some filler injected?

  3. Sherbert

    *sniff* “Still smells like ass”

  4. Jimm

    HAHA Bald Fat Ass Bitch!!! Like we all didn’t know that bitch has no hair!

  5. Noa

    actually shes not that good lookin if she leaves away the tons of make up

  6. Crissy

    Holly cow!… pun intended! Wow, makeup really is her best friend. And she really thinks people believed her published “no makeup” photos of her! Hahahahahahahahah! If there’s one thing makeup artist know how to do is give people that “no-makeup” look with a LOT of “natural” makeup! FAKE!

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