1. Bonolata

    My sympathies for the woman in the background!

  2. This is the longest 15 minutes ever… Maybe if we are all really quiet and don’t click on the links, she’ll go away.

  3. dirtdog

    She is a pig.

  4. The redhead in the background is cute.

  5. ksmack

    That dress is pretty fuckin’ killer though–dislike the chick wearing the dress, but shit it looks awesome on her.

  6. Amazed

    Despite great tits, she’s a sow…

  7. Biff

    What a disgusting aids infested pig of a bitch.

  8. Nina

    All the haters would fuck her if given the chance.

  9. curvytoo

    you never wear white on the bottom….it barely looks good on anyone…i love the dress but . again, you should never wear white on the bottom..

  10. YEs

    She might have looked good in this ten years ago.

  11. i think that beyonce might be jealous of her butt

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