1. Sin

    Kanye West is going from a hairless tranny, Amber Rose, to another no talent whore. This on just likes to get pissed on.
    Talk about useless. A douche and a fake getting together.

  2. LonG DonG

    Dont you REMEMBER, Kanye is a porn addict, he wanted Pam anderson cuz she did a porno, and now he wants Kim K. cuz she did one too.

  3. Renfro

    If Kanye didnt have no money, nobody would look twice, cuz that dude be an assssssssshooooole

  4. Laran

    “There was no fake marriage. But just so you know, I’ll be publishing a book called ‘If I Did It – Confessions of a famewhore’ this summer. Aaah, Dad. Always with the ideas.”

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