1. JC

    This picture perfectly sums up the whole sad, rancid Kardashian mess, doesn’t it?

  2. Ca-CAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I will never understand how anyone can stand to be in this woman’s company without immediately vomiting. It’s cool she’s trying to have her 20′s again in her 60′s. Her dusty old box would in no way be completely off-putting.

  4. Vein Dr.

    ewe old lady veiny breast

    • Sorry…I guess I’m weird. I like veiny breasts. I’m sure it’s because the first pair I saw au naturel (during my own venture through puberty) belonged to my post-pubescent cousin…and they were humongous and amazing.

  5. That mouth says it all “Bye-bye, Bruce, I’m ready for some black cock, NOW!”

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